Weekend Reads 102122

New research has disclosed what’s being called a security vulnerability in Microsoft 365 that could be exploited to infer message contents due to the use of a broken cryptographic algorithm.

Telcos deal with a considerable amount of multivendor devices. Although many hope/expect that these are equipped with state-of-the-art telemetry technologies, most of the time they’re not

Concerns over a critical authentication bypass vulnerability in certain Fortinet appliances heightened this week with the release of proof-of-concept (PoC) exploit code and a big uptick in vulnerability scans for the flaw.

Cracks and keygens have long been a problem for software vendors in that they allow users to install their products without needing to pay for a legitimate license. As the Internet and website development advanced and became more accessible, the number of sites offering software cracking tools grew.

The result is ChilliRack, a cooling system that Klein believes can address key challenges in the cost of cooling and the low utilization seen in many data centers.

With DevSecOps coming a long way as a discipline, there are now great frameworks and best practices for applying security gates in your CI, and later CD.

LitmusChaos is a dynamic open source chaos engineering platform that enables teams to identify weaknesses and potential outages in infrastructures by inducing chaos engineering tests/experiments in a controlled manner.

A survey by Ericsson’s ConsumerLab has uncovered some intriguing attitudes regarding 5G service quality; revealed some of the increasingly-popular activities among 5G punters; and drawn one or two questionable conclusions.

Modern phishing is driven by the desire for credential theft and business impersonation, but it’s also increasingly recognized as the gateway for launching malware and ransomware attacks, which often lead to serious compromises of corporate systems and other security issues, such as domain name system (DNS) attacks.

Earlier this year, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced proposed amendments to its security incident disclosure requirements for public companies.

Fears that 5G C-band signals could disrupt aircraft altimeters are misplaced, US government researchers claim in a report, saying that current efforts to filter any potentially dangerous frequencies are likely enough to combat problems.

Despite Google’s touting of the incognito mode feature available on its Chrome web browser, the feature is allegedly something of a joke to the company’s own engineers.

After months of trying and being refused access to my own user data, I found myself at the precipice of nearly committing fraud to get my user information, photos, and videos back from Instagram.

At start of the 90s, a small group of people came together to make sure that the numbering system that allows computers to connect with each other over the Internet would remain stable.

New research from CSC indicates that fraudsters took advantage of the 2022 supply chain shortages to target consumers with fake websites.