Weekend Reads 102023

When we were not looking – and forcing ourselves to not look at any IT news because we have other things going on – that is the moment when Nvidia decides to put out a financial presentation that embeds a new product roadmap within it.

SiFive today launched a pair of RISC-V CPU cores aimed at high-performance and AI/ML applications.

LPO is short for Linear Pluggable Optics (or Linear-drive Pluggable Optics), it is a potential technology to satisfy the low power consumption and high bandwidth demand of data centers like CPO (Co-packaged Optics).

One colocation provider has come up with a unique solution: It’s building small nuclear power plants for itself.

That’s no longer the case, however, as its latest variant, encased in compromised OfficeNote installation packages (currently in beta mode), can cause damage to any macOS devices.

In an era where every click, tap or keystroke leaves a digital trail, Americans remain uneasy and uncertain about their personal data and feel they have little control over how it’s used.

An investigation from the Wall Street Journal identified a company called Near Intelligence that purchased data about individuals and their devices from brokers who usually sell to advertisers. The company had contracts with government contractors that passed this data along to federal military and intelligence agencies.

The UK’s competition regulator is drafting remedies that could have big implications for Microsoft and AWS, should behavior that prevents or restricts customers from switching and using multi-clouds be identified.