Weekend Reads 101521

Russia is the source of the lion’s share of nation-state cyberattacks Microsoft has observed in the past year (58%), followed by North Korea (23%), Iran (11%), China (8%), and South Korea, Vietnam, and Turkey all with less than 1% representation, a new pool of data reveals.

Equinix has been testing the use of liquid cooling in its data centers, and hopes to use the technology in its Equinix Metal service to create a high-density, energy efficient computing platform.

As a rule, the English term “computer” and the equivalent German term “Rechner” describe calculating machines. But until the middle of the 20th century, computers were, in fact, humans who performed calculations.

The job-killing robots are almost at the door, we are told, mere moments away from replacing the last traces of human inefficiency and heralding the dawn of a world without work.

The technological breakthroughs and intelligence superiority of the Israel Defense Force’s Unit 8200 position it, and Israel, as a world leader, at the same level as the United States, Russia, or China.

New PCIe 6.0 technology is in the works, and according to nonprofit electronics industry consortium PCI-SIG, it’s in the final draft stages.

Recently I was asked by a customer how they can easily set up rollback capabilities on the endpoints in their corporate network.

An industry group calling itself 5G Americas has published a whitepaper that touts the advantages of a smart auto grid powered by 5G and the C-V2X technology.

It’s coming towards the end of 2021 already, which means it’s nearly time again for one of my favourite Internet quirks: A DNSSEC Key Signing Key (KSK) Ceremony, number 43 to be exact.

Across every industry, competition, reputation and customer satisfaction are all impacted by experience. And for most organizations, the network plays a significant role in determining the level and type of service that they can provide.

Thunderbolt 4 technology is still relatively new, but Intel is already working on its successor: Thunderbolt 5 (or whatever Intel decides to call it).

For years, it restricted its G-Sync variable refresh rate technology to monitors that included a dedicated (and costly) proprietary module, instead of adopting the open-source FreeSync developed by AMD.

The important thing to understand about a certificate graph is that the boxes represent entities (meaning an X.500 Distinguished Name and public key).

Despite a dramatic increase in ransomware attacks, enterprise storage and backup environments have a dangerously weaker security posture than the compute and network layers of the IT infrastructure, new research shows.

On Sept. 30, a root certificate provided by digital certificate authority (CA) Let’s Encrypt expired, meaning that the tens of millions of websites and devices that used the cert had to have updated to a new root before then — or run into problems.