Weekend Reads 101323

Dereferencing null pointers is one of the most common software errors. It is so infamous that Tony Hoare called the invention of null pointers his billion-dollar mistake.

To detect DDoS attacks in a telecommunications network we need to see the traffic that traverses the network, and we have multiple protocols for that purpose.

A recent trend in cloud-native development is the use of multi-architecture infrastructures, which can run workloads on either x86 or Arm architectures.

On 28 Aug., the California Privacy Protection Agency released its initial draft regulations for cybersecurity audits and risk assessments.

The Sun is about to turn upside down – magnetically speaking, of course.

Telecoms giant Vodafone is backing more than one horse in the OpenRAN arena, confirming a collaboration with Arm on energy efficient silicon for 5G base stations and continuing to work with Intel on OpenRAN silicon.

However, DNSSEC can cause problems when combined with a widely used method for synchronising secondary DNS servers with their primaries, Incremental Zone Transfer (IXFR).

Antitrust cases like the FTC’s hinge on “threshold” issues, fundamental elements that must be proven for a case to proceed. Here, those issues are threefold: market definition, documentary evidence, and the validity of the FTC’s legal theories.

While it is still somewhat early days to definitively answer this question, given most (public) comparisons between HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 are based on lab testing instead of real-world deployments, we have some data points that can shed some light.

If you work in academia — in network design, operations, security or forensics, or as an academic — we’ll need to talk. It’s about your students, and what they get up to online when you don’t watch.