Weekend Reads 091721

Relationships also evolved during this uprooting of typical routines. Pandemic “pods” helped some Americans maintain connection, but they complicated relationships and family dynamics at the same time.

Attackers are actively exploiting a Microsoft remote code execution vulnerability using malicious Office files, the tech giant has warned.

“When you have a high percentage of all AI activity in Bay Area metros, you may be overconcentrating, losing diversity, and getting groupthink in the algorithmic economy. It locks in a winner-take-most dimension to this sector, and that’s where we hope that federal policy will begin to invest in new and different AI clusters in new and different places to provide a balance or counter.”

Email isn’t just a communication tool; it’s also an identifier and a security measure. Companies use it to create profiles of you when you start accounts with them and it often doubles as your username.

However, it looks like most phishing emails could be used to obtain user credentials according to the 2021 Annual State of Phishing Report by Cofense. After analyzing millions of emails, Cofense found that 57% are credential phishing emails.

Computer programmers are a pretty predictable bunch. Every time they approach legacy code, the gut reaction is “let’s rewrite this from scratch.” The reaction is understandable for many reasons.

Perhaps an all-purpose tablet that you must care for like a new pet, remembering to not leave it unattended, or forgetting it on a mass-transit system. Then, there is the login process.

Whereas years ago different threat actors focused on specific sectors, nowadays the same techniques, tactics, and procedures (e.g., how the perimeter is penetrated, which tools are used for lateral movement) are consistently applied regardless of company size, location, or industry.

The Hafnium attacks targeting Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities triggered several cybersecurity investigators and researchers to hunt for other threat actors that use similar attack methods. Among them is the Cybereason News Network.

Despite being built on the same OS, Microsoft has said that Windows 11 will feature various optimizations, and now, we know what those optimizations are.

In this article, you’ll discover of the power of graphs by working with a small movie data set. It is based on the built in dataset and guide available on the Neo4j Sandbox.

Without evidence of wrongdoing, neither public agents nor private companies should be rifling through the photos on your personal devices.

The evolution of the workloads that we use every day to stay productive has fundamentally changed. New requirements around efficiency and using space wisely mean that leaders in the technology space need to look at cooling differently.

Napier’s rods, also called Napier’s bones (see Figure 1), were invented at the beginning of the 17th century. They have been used for multiplications and divisions until the 19th century.