Weekend Reads 091622

Running a little late this week …

Smartphone shipments are forecast to shrink globally by 6.5 percent this year as many households feeling the pinch of inflation decide to prioritize paying for food, energy and other essentials over refreshing handsets.

SmartNICs have long been the domain of hyperscale and cloud datacenters, but they remain relatively uncommon in enterprise environments due in large part to the lack of software compatibility.

The last few years have demonstrated that breaches occur, no matter how much security organizations put in place.

Finally, one of the big challenges with subsea cabling has been power, and in particular how to provide power mid-cable for repeater equipment.

French cloud provider OVHcloud has opened up a Bring Your Own IP service, which it said allows customers to reuse existing public IPv4 blocks as failover addresses in the event of an outage.

Microsoft moves ahead with a plan to sunset basic authentication, and other providers are moving — or have moved — to requiring more secure authentication as well. Is your company ready?

You only have to follow cryptocurrency news casually to be struck by the size and frequency of cryptocurrency security failures.

Earlier this year, Motherboard reported about an internal Facebook document that said the company has no idea where users’ data goes, and what the company is doing with it.

The tools and services discussed at the event aim to solve the technical complexity of cloud-native practices, but there is a new complexity in the vast choice of tools and services now available.

Broadcom has announced a new ASIC in the Trident family that can monitor flows in real time to identify anomalies that may indicate DDoS attacks, port scans, data exfiltration, and other threats.

Microsoft threat intelligence teams have been tracking multiple ransomware campaigns and have tied these attacks to DEV-0270, also known as Nemesis Kitten, a sub-group of Iranian actor PHOSPHORUS.

Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel said late last week that she wants to reduce the length of time that low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites spend floating around in space after the end of their mission from 25 years to no longer than five.

Singapore is an island state in South East Asia with a population just shy of five and a half million, surrounded by significantly larger economies both in terms of geographical size and population, as well as GDP.

Radio relay attacks are technically complicated to execute, but conceptually easy to understand: attackers simply extend the range of your existing key using what is essentially a high-tech walkie-talkie.

Traditional endpoint concepts were eroding as a result of mobile device adoption, and cloud sealed the deal.