Weekend Reads 090922

CXL is supported by pretty much every hardware vendor and built on top of PCI Express for coherent memory access between a CPU and a device, such as a hardware accelerator, or a CPU and memory.

Challenges pertaining to outdated infrastructure could easily be compounded by the fact that many IT and security teams don’t seem to have a plan in place to mobilize if and when a cyberattack occurs.

Chinese military researchers are threatening that Musk’s Starlink satellites must be destroyed.

Early versions of QUIC had FEC, but for all resources. The redundancy overheads for all data were considered too high, and the feature was dropped.

Aside from counterfeiting, cybersquatting domains can also serve as vehicles for other types of cybercrime, such as spear phishing, scams, and spamming.

In 2020, the ICANN Generic Name Supporting Organization (GNSO) Council approved a plan to revamp the WHOIS system as per the recommendations given by the ICANN Expedited Policy Development Process (EPDP). This plan directed ICANN to develop a centralized System for Standardized Access/Disclosure (SSAD) for WHOIS records.

A couple of months ago, in July 2022, I wrote about our work in measuring the level of use of QUIC in the Internet. Getting this measurement “right” has been an interesting exercise, and it’s been a learning experience that I’d like to relate here.

The USB Promoter Group has announced version 2.0 of the USB4 spec and promises it can carry data at 80Gbps.