Weekend Reads 090222

However, a recent study from cybersecurity training platform Hoxhunt revealed that the skill of distinguishing between legitimate and phishing emails varies based on job functions.

How will the market change in the future? Estimates of cloud market share are highly variable, with one of the biggest challenges being that different providers report different products and services in the “cloud” revenue category.

All companies should be using two-factor authentication at least to secure their systems, but relying on text messages alone is foolish, cybersecurity experts say.

The goal for co-packaged optics using DWDM is to have lower power consumption than an electrical cable but with a similar cost, have a reach comparable to an active electrical cable, and offer signal density that is on par with a printed circuit board.

“A lack of 5G industrial devices has stalled manufacturers’ interest in 5G private wireless,” said ABI Research. “In turn, the lack of enthusiasm has discouraged hardware suppliers from creating the necessary devices.”

There are tens of millions of lines of code in thousands of software programs, on a typical server in the datacenter. All of which collectively present a huge attack surface for various kinds of malware.

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei has reportedly told staff that tough economic times represent a real threat to the company.

Corning launched its fourth generation of Evolv products, unveiling new terminal and connector solutions for its PushLok plug-and-play lineup as well as a new AR imaging tool designed to help operators show building owners what fiber installations will look like.

You can almost imagine the rictus smile that accompanied this uncomfortable acknowledgement that Amazon’s assurance of absolute privacy meant nothing at all. In that moment, every Ring doorbell – there are millions of them, around the world – was revealed as a telescreen sending signals back to Big Brother.

Twitter’s former head of security has blown the whistle on what he characterizes as sprawling cybersecurity weaknesses, including vulnerabilities that could lay the social media platform open to cyberattacks that could have major national-security implications.

Put simply, you can do a lot of damage with a cable that doesn’t behave the way your target expects.

At the Hot Chips conference this week, AMD offered a glimpse of how it plans to combine these technologies to build a better infrastructure processor for the cloud, enterprise datacenter, and telco network.

Sephora has agreed to cough up $1.2 million to settle claims it broke California’s privacy law.

One of the most important trends we’ve seen in DNS abuse is that the domain industry is beginning to wake up and galvanize toward tangible action to address the issue. This turning of the tide is reassuring and exciting.

The Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) leaves many addresses unallocated or reserved. The largest such block of addresses is 240/4 (the range through