Weekend Reads 081922

The US Federal Trade Commission on Thursday announced an effort to formulate privacy rules to deter unwelcome online monitoring and shoddy data security.

Cloud computing has security issues. The problem is underscored by the complexity of cloud and the lack of visibility into what’s happening with workloads inside software containers that host the components of modern applications.

Cisco’s enterprise-class firewalls have at least a dozen vulnerabilities — four of which have been assigned CVE identifiers — that could allow attackers to infiltrate networks protected by the devices, a security researcher from vulnerability management firm Rapid7 plans to say in a presentation at the Black Hat USA conference on Aug. 11.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Splunk are leading an industry effort of 18 systems and security vendors to standardize how different monitoring systems share security alerts. The goal is to deliver a simplified and vendor-agnostic taxonomy to help security teams ingest and analyze security data faster.

About a year ago, some of our internal telemetry systems were occasionally experiencing a significant backlog in their delivery to the central collection endpoint. This would typically last for hours and then recover.

What do the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, Florida water hack, and Twitch data leak share in common? All were high impact, but none of them were sophisticated cyberattacks.

There is one thing that almost every organizational chart has in common regardless of the size of the business or other factors. For the most part, all the building blocks on those charts represent humans or groups of humans.

Integration of shared indicators of compromise is very difficult when the responsibility is distributed out to organisations who are then left with the task of turning those indicators into defensive actions or blocking rules.

Comcast ultimately said it would require installing 181 feet of underground cable to connect the house and that the couple would have to pay Comcast over $27,000 to make that happen.

When Chrome users browse the web with Safe Browsing protections, Chrome uses the Safe Browsing service from Google to identify and ward off various threats.

The Bathtub Curve is a useful tool when speaking about equipment performance in general. However, this method comes with many misnomers that can cause suppliers to repurchase parts or switch models before necessary.

Shared cloud spending is expected to rise by 24.3 percent to $63.9 billion for all of 2022, and dedicated cloud spending is forecast to rise by 16.8 percent to $26.3 percent.

Chat platform Discord delivered a playful slap to Google yesterday with a post describing how the company dealt with “reliability issues” to achieve some impressively low latency.

Weighing data center infrastructure options is a lot like looking for your first home.

A group of researchers has revealed details of a new vulnerability affecting Intel CPUs that enables attackers to obtain encryption keys and other secret information from the processors.