Weekend Reads 070723

To help organizations avoid the potential perils that the .zip and similarly confusing ngTLD extensions (i.e., .app, .cab, .cam, .mobi, .mov, .pub, .rip, and .win) may pose, the WhoisXML API research team scoured the DNS for such domains created between 1 January and 31 May 2023 to see if any of them should be considered suspicious and treated with caution.

When you write some code and put it on a spacecraft headed into the far reaches of space, you need to it work, no matter what. Mistakes can mean loss of mission or even loss of life.

That’s right, no need to be picky — any CA can sign any domain name, so you can pick from literally hundreds since that is the number of trusted CA root certificates baked into your browser or included in most operating systems.

Some 50 years ago, at the Palo Alto Research Centre of that renowned photocopier company Xerox, a revolutionary approach to local digital networks was born.

The proposed new European Union (EU) Artificial Intelligence Act has been extolled in the media as a bold action by a major legislative body against the perceived dangers of emerging new computer technology.

In light of the ongoing Internet shutdowns, such as the recent government-ordered Internet disruption in Algeria aimed at curbing cheating during national exams, the Internet Society (ISOC) has unveiled a tool, the NetLoss Calculator.

How can we reliably assess and verify the trustworthiness of the AI system in highly volatile situations such as warfare, or for that matter, anything else.

The energy crisis of 2022, resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, caused serious problems for data center operators in Europe. Energy prices leapt up and are likely to stay high. This has resulted in ongoing concerns that utilities in some European countries, which have a mismatch of supply and demand, will have to shed loads.

A free and open-source silicon chip instead is a chip which is open in its entirety: from the high-level specifications down to the silicon layout.

GDDR7 memory is the next generation of graphics card memory that will power some of the best graphics cards of tomorrow, but it’s not here yet

When it comes to managing TLS certificates, one crucial aspect that often goes overlooked is delegated domain verification.

It all began on 10th November 1935, when five women burned to death in a house fire in central London. A neighbor had tried to call the fire brigade on his home telephone, but had to wait in a queue for his local exchange. By the time he got through to the operator, it was too late.

In this article, I present an overview of a series of ‘proof-of-concept’ studies looking at the application of domain-name entropy as a means of clustering together related domain registrations, and serving as an input into potential metrics to determine the likely level of threat which may be posed by a domain.

In reality, these misleading missives try to trick people into paying for useless services they never ordered, don’t need, and probably will never receive.

The threat actors behind the DDoSia attack tool have come up with a new version that incorporates a new mechanism to retrieve the list of targets to be bombarded with junk HTTP requests in an attempt to bring them down.