Weekend Reads 062824

Often the scourge of tech execs in the US, Britain’s competition regulator has a new potential target in its sights: HPE’s proposed $14 billion purchase of Juniper Networks.

Normally, with a signature scheme, you have the public key and want to know whether a given signature is valid. But what if we instead have a message and a signature, assume the signature is valid, and want to know which public key signed it?

Comparing social media with tobacco use is bizarre. Smoking cigarettes is a known danger, whereas social media is a generally positive development that has troubling side effects for some young people who spend too much time on the platforms.

The Biden administration today banned the sale of Kaspersky Lab products and services in the United States, declaring the Russian biz a national security risk.

Meta has identified another reason AI might produce rubbish output: Hardware faults that corrupt data.

During the 59th BEREC plenary meeting (6 June 2024), the Board of Regulators approved the Draft BEREC Report on the IP Interconnection Ecosystem (BoR (24) 93) for public consultation.

Is there any company out there who has hurt young people more than Mark Zuckerberg’s gargantuan Meta empire?

At the recent Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) 80 Policy Forum meeting, one notable takeaway was its close focus on questions around the stability and security of the technical layer of the Internet: the growing risks which assail it, and potential ways to address these through governance.

From a researcher’s perspective, SpaceX — Starlink’s operators — are quite opaque, however. There is little engagement with the research community, and official pronouncements often lack detail — they’re clearly not the kind of company that takes people on factory tours to proudly show off how they make and run things.

Large language models can be made 50 times more energy efficient with alternative math and custom hardware, claim researchers at University of California Santa Cruz.