Weekend Reads 061821

Electric vehicles are expected to account for 58% of global passenger vehicle sales by 2040. The software and electrical components markets are also likely to face increased pressure and new challenges as they develop secure designs and equipment for these futuristic vehicles.

Community managers, maintainers, and foundations seek metrics and insights about open source communities.

The principle of least privilege in cybersecurity prescribes that no user should have access to system resources beyond what’s necessary for fulfilling a specific task.

(External) memory fragmentation is a long-standing Linux kernel programming issue. As the system runs, it assigns various tasks to memory pages.

In a world that is constantly evaluating costs, it is little wonder that there is an increasing demand for cost-effective solutions to business problems. In the real world, this means ‘free,’ and in the digital marketplace, it means ‘open source.’

There’s an infinite number of studies of ransomware lately, all breathlessly talking about how to fight this dangerous threat. They’re all dangerously wrong. Ransomware is not the problem.

Researchers have disclosed a new type of attack that exploits misconfigurations in transport layer security (TLS) servers to redirect HTTPS traffic from a victim’s web browser to a different TLS service endpoint located on another IP address to steal sensitive information.

Moore’s Law is not just a simple rule of thumb about transistor counts, it’s an economic, technical, and developmental force—and one strong enough to push some of the largest chipmakers to future-proof architectural approaches.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is among the most useful measures companies can use against the rise in credential attacks, but attackers are adapting, as demonstrated in a variety of bypasses that allowed them to infiltrate networks — even those protected by MFA.

Thus, for performance-sensitive software such as databases, abstraction might bring unwanted consequences. How can we boost performance for these applications?

You hear it at every conference and in the halls of every university computer science program. It’s mentioned in every sales pitch for cybersecurity tools and outsourcing services: There simply aren’t enough qualified cybersecurity professionals.