Weekend Reads 061623

First, there have been advances in capabilities for post-quantum computing. Second, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will complete final rounds for selection of these new cryptographic algorithms in 2024.

Organizations get bombarded with countless attacks from every direction, including via their supply chain. FortifyData’s recent record of the top third-party data breaches in 2023 brings to light how multidirectional threat sources can be.

A report from Verizon Business’s 16th annual Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) reveals a startling surge in the frequency and cost of cyberattacks.

Plans are underway in Singapore to double the number of submarine cable landing facilities within the next ten years, according to the city-state’s digital connectivity blueprint, released on Monday.

I have tried to understand how I could use ChatGPT for programming and, unlike Welsh, found almost nothing. If the idea is to write some sort of program from scratch, well, then yes.

A technological singularity is a hypothetical time in the future where our expectations regarding technology break apart.

If you thought that backside power was something to do with eating too many cruciferous vegetables, think again: Intel is implementing this in future chips as a way of separating the power lines to transistors from the signal lines, simplifying chip layouts.

I am talking about something else, the kind of use that Welsh touts: a professional programmer using an AI assistant to do a better job. It doesn’t work.

With the hype train currently on a tour of generative AI and the surrounding environs, there is a pervading sense that the metaverse is a rapidly-diminishing speck in the rear-view mirror.

The survey this year continued to show that the public has a poor opinion of ISPs. As a group, ISPs had an average ACSI annual rating of 68. The only industry with a lower rating is gas stations at 65.

While Fibre Channel (FC) has been around for a couple of decades now, the Fibre Channel industry continues to develop the technology in ways that keep it in the forefront of the data center for shared storage connectivity.

Business email compromise (BEC) continues to evolve on the back of sophisticated targeting and social engineering, costing business worldwide more than $50 billion in the last 10 years.