Weekend Reads 061022

Alongside the announcement of Ryzen 7000 processors, AMD revealed a new technology coming to the platform: Smart Access Storage.

The web of global intermediary liability laws has grown increasingly vast and complex as policymakers around the world move to adopt stricter legal frameworks for platform regulation.

Like other kinds of computing, if you put garbage data into a machine learning training run and then pour new data through it, what comes out as the answer is puréed garbage.

A critical code execution zero-day in all supported versions of Windows has been under active exploit for seven weeks, giving attackers a reliable means for installing malware without triggering Windows Defender and a roster of other endpoint protection products.

Although cyber conflict has existed for thirty years, the strategic utility of cyber operations remains unclear.

By expanding the breadth of device-to-application solutions with IPv6, LoRaWAN’s addressable IoT market is also broadened to include internet-based standards required in smart electricity metering and new applications in smart buildings, industries, logistics, and homes.

Earlier this year, the LockBit group posted a table listing encryption speeds for more than 30 ransomware families, highlighting the fact that LockBit 2.0 was the fastest.

In this post, I’ll explain the fundamentals of an IPTV system, starting from the origination of the content to its delivery on the viewer’s screens.

Because the rate of expansion is higher than a typical network team can handle, AI must be introduced to keep the already complex network structure of the present manageable, while enabling organizations to be ready to manage expansions in real-time.

Apple will have to include a USB-C charging port in iPhones it sells into Europe by 2024 after an EU amendment makes it the common standard across a range of devices.

Queryable Encryption could let a bank agent investigate your account for possible fraud on a range of dates without knowing which dates specifically flagged the system.

Technology companies added workers for the 18th consecutive month and employer job postings for tech occupations reached a new high in May, according to an analysis of the latest employment data by a nonprofit association for the IT industry and workforce.

Microsoft has announced a handful of significant changes for employee contracts and agreements that would scrap some of the most controversial workplace policies in tech.