Weekend Reads 060923

That is because IoT is a fundamentally different technology than existing systems—a technology with plenty of attack surfaces. Each sensor and device connected to an IoT network presents a possible security risk, opening up an attack vector into an individual or company’s hardware, software, and/or data.

Like their mathematical counterparts, the unsolved problems in brand protection will present significant benefits for any service providers able to develop and offer comprehensive solutions.

The most annoying thing about ReDoS vulnerabilities is that they’re not caused by careless coding but by an obscure edge case in the regex engine. I place the blame squarely on the regex library and not the developer who used it.

Researchers have discovered an inexpensive attack technique that could be leveraged to brute-force fingerprints on smartphones to bypass user authentication and seize control of the devices.

Insider threats are an updated version of the wolf in sheep’s clothing – the people we rely on to safeguard systems and data can sometimes be the ones who pose the greatest risk.

Thus, teams need to go one step further and move from a visibility-centric approach to a remediation-centric approach. To accomplish this, the focus should be stopping attackers at choke points.

This month, Netflix stumbled backward into a policy that may have lasting security benefits for users. Its accidental pro-customer safety move could be an object lesson for other business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations looking to improve customer account security.

This April, another zero-click spyware maker QuaDream surfaced in relation to ongoing espionage campaigns targeting anyone who owns an iOS device running iOS 14.

Computex A US upstart has developed a solid-state active cooling device not much bigger than an SD card that uses a variety of exotic technologies to suck heat out of small enclosed spaces.

In February, Meta released its large language model: LLaMA. Unlike OpenAI and its ChatGPT, Meta didn’t just give the world a chat window to play with. Instead, it released the code into the open-source community, and shortly thereafter the model itself was leaked.

Updated Folks in the United States might one day have another option for cheaper cellphone service: Amazon Prime.

Radio spectrum is the lifeblood of our connected, communicating world. The cordless devices that make our lives more productive and easier often use radio spectrum to connect to the internet. Spectrum is also a finite resource—there’s nothing usable below 3 Hz and above 3,000 GHz.