Weekend Reads 060619

When most people speak of exascale supercomputers, they tend to focus on the computational aspect of these systems. That’s certainly understandable inasmuch as exascale has been generally equated with performing calculations at the level of exaflops. —Michael Feldman

Although it was originally developed by Google, Kohn said Kubernetes has been built on a decade of learning and incorporates a host of technologies from other companies. “There is no vendor lock-in,” he said. “Google has encouraged developers from other companies to take part.” —Cliff Saran

The exposed areas needing improvement by ICANN — both the organization as well as its global community of stakeholders — provide a target-rich environment. —Greg Thomas

The market-dominating behavior of four of the biggest tech companies now appear to be in the crosshairs of the U.S. government, but the big question for consumers and investors is, will anything actually change this time around? —Therese Poletti

On the one hand, testing is all too often the roadblock that stands between highly accelerated Dev processes and highly automated ops-driven delivery processes. But on the other hand, testing is essential for ensuring that the release doesn’t place the business at risk — undermining the very “customer experience” that digital transformation is dedicating to enhancing. —Wayne Ariola

Google said the outage was caused by a configuration change that affected more servers than intended. “The network became congested, and our networking systems correctly triaged the traffic overload and dropped larger, less latency-sensitive traffic in order to preserve smaller latency-sensitive traffic flows, much as urgent packages may be couriered by bicycle through even the worst traffic jam,” the company said. —Rich Miller

SK Telecom (SKT) provides mobile services to over half the population of South Korea — that’s 30 million of the economy’s 50 million people. Unsurprisingly, SKT has felt the pinch of IPv4 depletion, particularly when LTE (with 23 million subscribers) and 5G terminals can consume two or more IP addresses. —Adam McFillin

There are so many different ways to represent the same data: scatter plots, linear plots, bar plots, and pie charts, to name just a few. Furthermore, the same data, using the same type of plot, may be perceived very differently depending on who is looking at the figure. —Nicolas P. Rougier, Michael Droettboom, Philip E. Bourne