Weekend Reads 052623

Communities installing WiFi that spans an entire property. From tennis courts to pools, from fields to lakes, Hotwire says the new hybrid work-from-home lifestyle means homeowners are working from everywhere within a community.

BGP is the Internet’s de facto routing protocol – but relatively few have a deep understanding of its vulnerabilities.

Since its invention by Bob Metcalf and David Boggs back in 1973, Ethernet has continuously been expanded and adapted to become the go-to Layer 2 protocol in computer networking across industries.

However, it is important to acknowledge that passwords have long been identified as one of the weakest elements in the security chain.

Ready to live on the edge? In my last network design post we talked about remote access VPN but in this instalment, we will take a detailed look at designs for the network edge.

Intel has launched a field-programmable gate array—Agilex 7 with R-Tile—that features PCIe 5.0 and CXL capabilities for processing networking workloads.

Speaking of the existential threat of AI is science fiction, and bad science fiction for that matter because it is not based on anything we know about science, logic, and nothing we even know about ourselves.

In a recent workshop I attended, reflecting on the evolution of the Internet over the past 40 years, one of the takeaways for me is how we’ve managed to surprise ourselves in both the unanticipated successes we’ve encountered and in the instances of failure when technology has stubbornly resisted to be deployed despite our confident expectations to the contrary!

In this episode of PING, Verisign Fellow Duane Wessels discusses notable changes in the DNS root zone in the last 13 years.

As technical people, we spend immense time and energy mastering the nuances of specific technologies. Esoteric knowledge is our currency, and we often measure our personal value against the yardstick of technical nuance

The term ‘platform engineering’ refers to the activity of designing and developing toolchains and internal work processes that enable the employees of an organisation to be self-sufficient in all software engineering activities.

Open source repositories — such as Python’s PyPI, the Maven Java repository, and the Node Package Manager (npm) for JavaScript — typically have a skeleton crew of engineers and volunteers to manage and secure the infrastructure