Weekend Reads 052424

The European Union’s new Digital Markets Act (DMA) is a complex, many-legged beast, but at root, it is a regulation that aims to make it easier for the public to control the technology they use and rely on.

When optimizing the write performance of GreptimeDB v0.7, we discovered through flame graphs that the CPU time spent parsing Prometheus write requests accounted for about 12% of the total.

We think that waferscale computing is an interesting and even an inevitable concept for certain kinds of compute and memory. But inevitably, the work you need to do goes beyond what a single wafer’s worth of cores can deliver, and then you have the same old network issues.

Evidence is mounting that tech companies’ policies demanding staff return to the office are only serving to drive out the talent that became accustomed to remote work.

ZTDNS integrates the Windows DNS client and the Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) to enable this domain-name-based lockdown. First, Windows is provisioned with a set of DoH or DoT capable Protective DNS servers; these are expected to only resolve allowed domain names.

The use of Machine Learning and Deep Learning models allows us to understand the intention of the message, who is sending it, and if the sender is pretending to be someone they are not. It also allows us to learn what a legitimate message looks like and identify the parts of an email that indicate malicious intent, making it easier to predict those markers in the future.

That said, I have been running e-mail servers since well before Google existed as a company. I started off at M.C.G.V. Stack, the computer club of the University of Eindhoven, in 1995.

Alas, the feds did something you wouldn’t want your government to do. The Federal Trade Commission launched an investigation into MGM — the victim of the cyberattack — and demanded that MGM, which suffered an estimated $100 million loss from the hack, provide information about the breach.

If successful in the Google and Apple cases, the result will be far more clarity on non-priced harms and a much-needed update to how we evaluate consumer welfare in the digital age, all without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

How do you profit off intelligence once it’s been commoditized? Will the AI transition let a thousand flowers bloom, or will the returns largely flow to a few tech behemoths and their infrastructure providers?

Broadcom has introduced a new series of 400G Ethernet adapters specifically tuned for resolving network bottlenecks when moving massive amounts of data around for AI processing.

Yes, this time is different. And the key difference is Joe Biden’s EPA. On May 9, that agency published a rule in the Federal Register that, if it survives legal challenges, will force the closure of every coal-fired power plant in America and prevent the construction of new baseload gas-fired plants. If the rule survives those challenges, it will strangle AI in the crib.