Weekend Reads 051923

When it comes to understanding what exactly confidential computing entails, it all begins with a trusted execution environment (TEE) that is rooted in hardware.

So, just for fun, we pulled out the trust Excel spreadsheet and tried to estimate what the feeds and speeds of the MI300 and the MI300A GPUs, the latter of which will be at the heart of the El Capitan system might be. Y

The popular PC storage manufacturer, Western Digital, has confirmed that it experienced a network security breach earlier this year, in which an unauthorized third party gained control of several of its systems.

How bad is the human security weakness problem? Verizon’s 2022 Data Breaches Investigations Report says 82 percent of data breaches have human involvement.

On 13 April 2023, through our recently launched Threat Intelligence Data Feeds (TIDF), we identified more than 1 million suspicious and malicious domains that figured in phishing, malware distribution, spam, and other cyber attacks, such as brute-force and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Although honeypots are an effective solution for tracking attackers and preventing data theft, they have yet to be widely adopted due to their setup and maintenance difficulties.

If you want to get a sense of what companies are really doing with AI infrastructure, and the issues of processing and network capacity, power, and cooling that they are facing, what you need to do is talk to some co-location datacenter providers.

IBM and its IT infrastructure spinoff Kyndryl were this week taken to court by an axed exec who had put decades of her life into the tech giant.

The advancements of coherent passive optical networks (CPON) will lead to a robust and noticeable boost to the customer experience in businesses and the home.

Publicly listed technology companies under pressure to make deep job cuts can underestimate the often negative impacts redundancies may cause, both financially and culturally, as well as the harm to shareholder returns.

It’s easy to think high-tech companies have a security advantage over other older, more mature industries.

A Social engineering attack is the process of exploiting weaknesses in human psychology to manipulate and persuade others to perform in a way that is harmful. Prior to the digital age, criminals would carry out these attacks in person, in what was known as a confidence game.

WhoisXML API sought to discover how the closure of the two banks and similar recent events are reflected in the DNS.

In early March, my colleague Merve Hickok testified before the House Oversight Committee at the first hearing on AI policy in this Congress.