Weekend Reads 051223

Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered weaknesses in a software implementation of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) that could be weaponized to achieve a denial-of-service (DoS) condition on vulnerable BGP peers.

Enter OpenTelemetry, which provides a vendor-neutral standard for telemetry data, as well as the necessary tools to collect and export data from cloud-native applications.

DevEx drives business performance through increased efficiency, product quality, and employee retention.

Last January, thousands of users of two popular open source libraries, “faker” and “colors,” were shocked to see their applications breaking and showing gibberish data after being infected with a malicious package.

Netskope, a leader in Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), today unveiled new research confirming that attackers are finding new ways to evade detection and blend in with normal network traffic using HTTP and HTTPS to deliver malware.

In keeping with WhoisXML API’s mission to make the Internet a transparent and safe place for users, we expanded the list of IoCs in hopes of identifying social media pages that could already be serving or used to serve as fraud vehicles.

According to research carried out across a sample of over failed 17,000 hard drives, the failure occurred after only two years and 6 months. Does that make the HDD one of the weakest components inside your PC?

The Global Digital Compact (GDC) is a proposed initiative by the United Nations (UN) to address the global challenges and opportunities arising from the digital revolution.

What makes Wi-Fi 6E such a game changer is that it maximizes both user and IT experiences by offering enterprises more capacity and increased channel width.

Are you responsible for the safety and reliability of IT infrastructure and applications? You’ll absolutely need regular and accurate assessments.

BEC scams are bound to continue affecting organizations worldwide, given the continued rise in the number of complaints the FBI IC3 receives with each passing year.

One might make a de minimis argument that there is so much training data that the amount of any particular input document in any output is too small to matter.