Weekend Reads 042823

There has always been some concern about undersea fibers. Countries fear that sabotage of the fibers connected to their shores could result in being isolated from the Internet.

Do your employees use unauthorized SaaS apps? The average organization has over 100 SaaS apps, many unsanctioned by IT, posing a serious security risk.

A proposed permanent network of electromagnetic monitoring stations across the continental US, operating in tandem with a machine learning (ML) algorithm, could facilitate accurate predictions of geomagnetic disturbances (GMDs).

We may be seeing an equally dramatic transformation of chip design right now, this time with the use of AI to drive designs.

But for now it”s exciting to see what ChatGPT has already been able to do. At some level it”s a great example of the fundamental scientific fact that large numbers of simple computational elements can do remarkable and unexpected things.

He”s sharing the story of JSON, his discovery of JavaScript”s good parts, and his approach to finding a simple way to build software.

Back in January of this year, we studied the infrastructure of Ducktail, a malware that trailed its sights on Facebook business owners and advertisers.

The Philippines is an archipelago comprising three major island groups: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao with 7,641 islands at high tide and a population of 113 million spread across roughly 2,000 of those islands.

Cable operators are eager to take advantage of the forthcoming DOCSIS 4.0 rollout, as a survey from ATX Networks found nearly half (48%) of cable companies plan to activate DOCSIS 4.0 in their hybrid-fiber coaxial (HFC) networks by the end of 2025.

While Prolexic’s overall service and mitigation stacks are not changing, the new offering allows customers to define and adjust their own access control rules and provides analytics of existing ones.

However, alongside these more “traditional” or perhaps “structural” security concerns that cannot be swiftly shaken off, countries in the region have increasingly had to deal with the additional burden of cybersecurity threats.

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) is the attack method businesses are most concerned about, believing it will have the largest impact on the business.

A prominent example of a PET is fully homomorphic encryption, often mentioned in the same breath as differential privacy, federated learning, secure multiparty computation, private set intersection, synthetic data, zero knowledge proofs or trusted execution environments.

We already know that software can displace people. In 2019, Wells Fargo predicted that efficient software would replace 200,000 jobs in the banking industry.

There were a few efforts to flesh out what 6G might look like but they didn”t really get much further than “5G done properly” with a bit of utopian AI and ubiquitous sensing thrown in to sex it up a bit.