Weekend Reads 042619

EVPN-VXLAN is an open industry standard developed by leading vendors to solve these problems and more. With EVPN fabrics, all major types of networking connectivity services can be virtualized using a single protocol suite. —SDX Central

The cybercriminal group behind the infamous DNSpionage malware campaign has been found running a new sophisticated operation that infects selected victims with a new variant of the DNSpionage malware. —Swati Khandelwal

The internet – created in the 80s, but the world wide web officially went live in 1991 and has since then grown into a beast with around 3.2 billion of the worlds population currently online. Internet guru and entrepreneur Jay Adelson has witnessed the explosion of interconnection labelling it as the hub and central point of the internet. —Jay Adelson

When the future is certain to be multivendor, how do we collectively go about making technology work? It’s a pretty basic question, but gets to the point on how technology is developed and propagated throughout the industry. It’s not enough to be innovative, developers must do so in a way that facilitates mass adoption by not only customers, but competitors, too. —Mike Bushong

I believe that there are two simple reasons why we such poor landline infrastructure in rural America – the big telcos decided to walk away from rural America and the regulators let them do it. —Doug Dawson

While looking to get into cyber one of the big decisions was what certifications to go for. Anyone looking at the list of options will no doubt be wondering if CompTIA is the best route, or what about SSCP, Cyber Ops etc. After completing the training for several and deciding to certify in what I thought are the most applicable, I thought I’d share my experiences! —TJ (Peerlyst)