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A new report from analyst firm Omdia suggests operators’ best chance of growth in the consumer market comes from partnering with Big Tech.

In a 2023 survey of cybersecurity leaders, 51% said they believe an AI-based tool like ChatGPT will be used in a successful data breach within the next year.

When folks ask me for an estimate of the cost of building aerial fiber, I always say that the cost is dependent upon the amount of required make-ready needed. Make-ready is well-named–it’s any work that must be done on poles to be ready to string the new fiber.

On 10 February 2023, Reddit announced it suffered a security incident where a phishing campaign led an employee to a website that imitated the network’s intranet gateway.

This video looks at various Kubernetes vulnerabilities and their severity scores to help you understand how to evaluate CVEs so you can prioritize remediation. It also shows different options and sources of CVEs.

It is almost 25 years since the Internet was privatized by the U.S. government. ICANN was formed by Esther Dyson and Jon Postel as a California-based non-profit with the responsibility to administer the Internet.

The series glamourized Anna’s fraudulent endeavors and depicted her as clever, interesting, and mysterious; someone who we wanted to figure out and understand.

Even if cyber attack tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) have become increasingly sophisticated over the years, age-old phishing remains the most-used attack vector to this day.

On a specific date and time in 2038, the old-world model of time in 32 bits as a positive integer value “wraps around” (when an integer value is too big for the container assigned in the computer) and returns nonsensical results.

Today, Microsoft is excited to announce that we are shifting to a new threat actor naming taxonomy aligned to the theme of weather.

From the coverage that ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, has been receiving since its launch in November 2022, you would be forgiven for thinking that is the only technology story around.

The Domain Name System (DNS) root zone will soon be getting a new record type, called ZONEMD, to further ensure the security, stability, and resiliency of the global DNS in the face of emerging new approaches to DNS operation.