Weekend Reads 041423

Four major US mobile operators have agreed to a series of undertakings designed to address concerns over airline safety and to allow them to use their C-band spectrum to its full extent.

The result of this effort, Intel Max Series GPU formerly known by the code name Ponte Vecchio, packs 100 billion transistors and 47 tiles onto five process nodes. Beyond that, they include two packaging innovations, EMIB 2.5D and Foveros 3D technology, and stack tiles atop one another for greater processor density.

According to various statistics, there are somewhere around 330 billion emails being sent every day, approximately 3.82 million per second. Who reads all these emails?

In the ongoing AI revolution, images and text are yesterday’s news, leaving audio as a new frontier to explore, and incredible progress has already been made. Here are six examples of AI audio generation that will leave you speechless.

The secret to unlocking the full potential of quantum networking may be hiding at the center of a diamond, according to Amazon Web Services. This week, AWS popped the question to De Beers subsidiary Element Six in the hope of finding it.

Year-over-year global VC funding dropped precipitously in Q1 2023, with at least $76 billion (£61 billion) doled out to companies at all startup stages. That may sound like a lot but it’s a 53 percent drop from the same time last year, reports funding tracker Crunchbase.

People once prioritized logging in as much as logging out, but now, according to freelance UI designer Jesse Showalter, access to content is of utmost importance, even at the cost of constantly sharing our data. Logging out, by contrast, carries little value for companies or consumers.

Shorter certificate life cycles bring about benefits to improve security and reduce the risks associated with long-lived certificates.

Kumorai is a startup that aims to simplify the deployment and operation of compute, networking, and security infrastructure across public clouds.

Humans have always been interested in making machines that display intelligence.

One of the most effective ways for CISOs and CIOs to make the best use of their limited resources to protect their organizations is by conducting a cyber risk assessment.

Query name minimization (qmin) is a privacy feature that limits the amount of information sent in DNS queries to enhance privacy (RFC 9156).

Today, we are excited to announce the deps.dev API, which provides free access to the deps.dev dataset of security metadata, including dependencies, licenses, advisories, and other critical health and security signals for more than 50 million open source package versions.

Analysts from Dell’Oro Group warned 2023 could be ripe for CPE inventory corrections, thanks in part to lower than expected broadband deployment targets and a slowdown in activity that normally drives broadband growth.

Ciena is taking a new approach to routing with its freshly unveiled WaveRouter platform, aiming to meet the demands of the converged metro network in the multi-cloud era.