Weekend Reads 041224

Future AMD processors could feature domain-specific accelerators – even some created by third parties, according to senior execs at the chip shop.

We tolerate such things even though we understand these practices usually harm those who willingly engage in them. Consider it one price we pay for relative freedom. But what should we do when these practices destroy the lives of innocent bystanders?

Thread hijacking attacks. They happen when someone you know has their email account compromised, and you are suddenly dropped into an existing conversation between the sender and someone else.

The first thing to note about the rumored “Stargate” system that Microsoft is planning to build to support the computational needs of its large language model partner, OpenAI, is that the people doing the talking – reportedly OpenAI chief executive officer Sam Altman – are talking about a datacenter, not a supercomputer

Now we’re going to go much deeper into the layers that relate to the PHY, which is PCS, PMA, and Autonegotiation. First though, let’s review the objectives of 1000BASE-T.

macOS has been gaining the unwanted attention of more and more backdoor operators since late 2023. In February 2024, Bitdefender uncovered RustDoor, which was written in Rust and possibly has ties to the operators of a Windows ransomware.

The PCIe 7.0 spec is on track for release next year and, for many AI chip peddlers trying to push the limits of network fabrics and accelerator meshes, it can’t come soon enough

In this article, we report on our longitudinal research study (between 2020 and 2023) of such dangling resource abuse. Across 12 cloud platforms, we identified 20,904 hijacks that hosted malicious content. We detected hijacked domains in 219 Top-Level Domains (TLDs) and abuses on popular clouds.

Three imminent improvements to the Ethernet standard will make it a better alternative to host AI workloads, and that will see vendors back the tech as an alternative to Nvidia’s InfiniBand kit, which is set to dominate for the next two years.

Cloud native architecture is a game changer for security at scale. Whether used on-premises or in the cloud, capabilities to ease the management of IT assets are improving. And while there’s a long way to go in simplifying interfaces and reducing skill-set barriers – this too will come in time.

It’s a tantalizing idea: that the same routers bringing you the internet could also detect your movements. “It’s like this North Star for everything ambient sensing,” says Sam Yang, who runs the health-sensor startup Xandar Kardian. For a while, he says, “investors just flocked in.”

Arista Networks has offered a look at how it expects to roll out Ethernet technology that will underpin the networks required to handle the demands of AI-based workloads.