Weekend Reads 041119

Since at least the middle of the last century, the question of how to get employees to improve has generated a good deal of opinion and research. —Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall

Should the IETF publish standard specifications of technologies that facilitate third-party eavesdropping on communications or should it refrain from working on such technologies? —Geoff Huston

n February, the company announced its intention to move forward with the development of the Curie cable, a new undersea line stretching from California to Chile. It will be the first private intercontinental cable ever built by a major non-telecom company. Tyler Cooper—

You have your morning coffee in hand, you’ve just finished your daily scrum, and you sit down at your computer to start your day. Up pops a Slack message. You scan your emails, then bounce back to Slack. —Sarah Wall

“Open core” evolved as one of the primary ways for companies that maintain an open source project to make money. They offer a product that at the “core” is the open source project, but with features that only paying customers have access too. MongoDB and Elastic, —Eric Anderson

EU antitrust regulators should consider forcing tech giants such as Google and Amazon to share their data with rivals rather than break them up, three academics enlisted by the European Commission said on Thursday. —Foo Yun Chee

For some of us, myself included, the sounds of old Office reruns are a nightly lullaby that help put us to sleep. Or so we think. As it turns out, the streaming content that plays while you slumber isn’t as harmless as we’d hope. —Stan Horaczek

Stefan Tanase, principal security researcher at Ixia, told Ars that the DNS servers described in this article were taken down and that the attackers have replaced them with new DNS servers. Ixia analyzed the rogue DNS server and found it targets the following domains: GMail.com, PayPal.com, Netflix.com, Uber.com, caix.gov.br, itau.com.br, bb.com.br, bancobrasil.com.br, sandander.com.br, pagseguro.uol.com.br, sandandernet.com.br, cetelem.com.br, and possibly other sites. —Dan Goodin

As an industry, we also don’t talk often enough about the cybersecurity threats that face domain name Registries — and the work we do to mitigate this — until it’s too late. —Nicolai Bezsonoff

As far as I know, OneWeb is still planning to offer service in Russia, but they have had to make financial and technical concessions. They agreed to become a minority partner in the company that will market their service in Russia and, significantly, they agreed to drop the inter-satellite laser links (ISLLs) from their constellation and pass all Russian traffic through ground stations in Russia. —Larry Press

Intel today launched a barrage of new products for the data center, tackling almost every enterprise workload out there. The company’s diverse range of products highlights how today’s data center is more than just processors, with network controllers, customizable FPGAs, and edge device processors all part of the offering. —Peter Bright