Weekend Reads 040723

What it is about is how very few companies have access to the raw AI models that are transforming the world, the curated datasets that have been purged of bias (to one degree or another) that are fundamental to training AI systems using machine learning techniques, the model weights and checkpoints that are key to tuning a model, and the money to either build or rent the capacity to bring the neural network software and the data together to train an AI model.

Intel has announced a new processor with 144 cores designed for simple data-center tasks in a power-efficient manner.

Data center fires aren’t common, but they can be devastating. As use of lithium-ion batteries grows, enterprises need to be aware of the risks, Uptime Institute warns.

Russian intelligence services, together with a Moscow-based IT company, are planning worldwide hacking operations that will also enable attacks on critical infrastructure facilities.

Back in the old days, there was a CPU and chip designers crammed everything into that single CPU, which made sense for the greatest number of customers offset against the additional cost of adding extra functionality.

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. A graph can be worth a thousand numbers.

Business software often is hard to implement. That means it takes a lot of work to get it into a usable state after purchasing it.

Quantum computing as a term has been banded around for years now as something between bleeding edge tech and theoretical academia. It’s often sprinkled in when futurologists vaguely sketch out what the future might look like, along with neural lace brain attachments and nano-robots.

The Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) research team used these as jump-off points to scour the DNS for connected domains and IP addresses that could be part of the ransomware affiliates’ infrastructure.

Due to their powerful computing capabilities, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has estimated that by April 2030, RSA, Diffie-Hellman (DH), and Elliptic-Curve Cryptography (ECC) algorithms will become vulnerable to quantum attacks.

The central bankers of the world want to curb inflation by putting a serious crimp in demand, and it looks like they may get what they want – sort of – in 2023 when it comes to datacenter infrastructure.

Liberty-owned UK broadband pusher Virgin Media has fallen on its face this morning, with users across the country reporting complete broadband failure for a number of hours, among them some of the reporters on this news desk.