Weekend Reads 040320

Dispatch helps us effectively manage security incidents by deeply integrating with existing tools used throughout an organization (Slack, GSuite, Jira, etc.,) Dispatch leverages the existing familiarity of these tools to provide orchestration instead of introducing another tool. —Kevin Glisson, Marc Vilanova, Forest Monsen

No ideal hash function exists, of course, but each aims to operate as close to the ideal as possible. Given that (most) hash functions return fixed-length values and the range of values is therefore constrained, that constraint can practically be ignored. —Jeff M Lowery

Now we can all appreciate at a fundamental level what it feels like in the datacenter most days, and why Ethernet switch ASIC makers are all trying to push the bandwidth envelope. —Timothy Prickett Morgan

Extending the Internet of Things (IoT) everywhere on the planet comes down to two essential factors, network availability and cost. Over 20 new companies promise to lower IoT satellite equipment and monthly service pricing by leveraging mass market production and using constellations of low-cost low-flying “nanosatellites” (the size of a wine bottle box or smaller) to collect data from devices in the remotest part of the world – or at least outside of cell phone tower range. —Doug Mohney

The last few weeks have reinforced the importance of modern communication networks to societies. Health care providers, schools, governments, and businesses all rely on networks that enable us to connect and collaborate remotely. Had we encountered a similar pandemic ten years ago, we would not have been able to continue our activities on the level that is possible today. —Juha Holkkola

At the beginning of March 2020, Fifth Domain reported that Colorado-based aerospace, automotive and industrial parts manufacturer Visser Precision LLC had suffered a DoppelPaymer ransomware infection. Those behind this attack ultimately published information stolen from some of Visser’s customers. Those organizations included defense contractors Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Boeing and SpaceX. —David Bisson

As of this writing, the long-term effects of the coronavirus pandemic remain uncertain. But one possible consequence is an acceleration of the end of the megacity era. In its place, we may now be witnessing the outlines of a new, and necessary, dispersion of population, not only in the wide open spaces of North America and Australia, but even in the megacities of the developing world. —Joel Kotkin

Many network operators have a regulatory requirement to incorporate Lawful Interception (LI) capabilities into their networks, so that Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) can perform authorized electronic surveillance of specific target individuals. —Shane Alcock

Yet for many businesses, managing an entirely remote workforce is completely new, which means they may lack the processes, policies, and technologies that enable employees to work from home safely and securely. In addition, many employees may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the idea of working from home. As a result, organizations are scrambling to quickly roll out security awareness initiatives that enable their workforce to work from home safely and securely. —Lance Spitzner

Server component and system maker Supermicro is known for being out in front when any X86 processor comes to market and often shoots the gap between ODMs, who have a relatively small number of large customers, and OEMs, who have a large number of relatively small customers. —Timothy Prickett Morgan