Weekend Reads 032219

The pursuit of monopoly has led Silicon Valley astray. —Tim O’Reilly

There is no better way to protect legacy revenues than by legally barring those entities that might decide to compete by building better broadband. —Doug Dawson

The ongoing debate around the controversial Article 13 of the EU’s Copyright Directive has exposed what looks like a sizable gap between what regulators think is covered by copyright and what is actually covered by copyright. —Stan Adams

However, under some circumstances, BGP communities can be used to drop and redirect traffic. In principle, the same effect can be achieved via BGP hijacks, but community-based attacks are way harder to spot and almost impossible to attribute. —Florian Streibelt

Phone numbers stink for security and authentication —Krebs on Security

Register an abandoned DNS server domain, and you can redirect querying clients to any destination of your choosing. —Kaan Onarlioglu

The Optical Transport Network (OTN) architecture is now almost two decades old, and some pundits are proclaiming that its role as a distinct transport layer will soon give way to an IP-over-DWDM architecture. —Jonathan Homa

Transnational data is sometimes, but not always, associated with a transaction or exchange. Much of the data, as personal data, is sensitive, but is out of the control (or even knowledge) of the data subjects. —Kieron O’Hara & Wendy Hall

Communication is one of the most important parts of your life as an effective engineer. —Sean Kelly

The malware made it possible to take over these systems remotely. Had the intruders disabled or tampered with them, and then used other software to make equipment at the plant malfunction, the consequences could have been catastrophic. —Martin Giles