Weekend Reads 031519

Most medium to large companies now runs A/B tests and new feature experiments on segments of their user base. They are a great way to check whether a feature will have long time success, and get observable metrics on the repercussion of their changes. —JonLuca DeCaro

There are myriad theories as to why software remains insecure after we’ve spend decades trying to solve the problem. —Daniel Miessler

Ask yourself this: do you find yourself becoming outraged or saying “ho-hum” every time you hear about the latest record data breach? Society seems to be agreeing with the latter answer. —Roger A. Grimes

Why is privacy so hard? Why is it, after so much negative press about it, are we still being constantly tracked on the web and on our smartphones? —Jason Hong

As you can see in the video, a malicious website that looks like Airbnb prompts users to authenticate using Facebook login, but upon clicking, the page displays a fake tab switching animation video aimed to trick users into thinking that their browsers are behaving normally. —Mohit Kumar

The hyperscalers and cloud builders of the world build things that often look and feel like supercomputers if you squint your eyes a little, but if you look closely, you can often see some pretty big differences. —Timothy Pricket Morgan

MWC 2019 was billed as the year that 5G left the slides and started to hit the ground with real equipment. However my impression is that this is still a slow-burn. —David Stokes

70 service providers (mobile, fixed, cable and wholesale) from around the world provided inputs to the questions posed by ACG Research. All of the participants reported being knowledgeable of their organizations 5G plans and decisions, many of them holding senior positions within the organization. —Sigal Biran-Nagar

With the explosion of both structured and unstructured data coming on the heels of smartphones and IoT devices comes the need to be able to work with massive amounts of data, mine it and make it accessible. —TC Currie

I’d like to take this opportunity to outline some of the often misunderstood nuances of the open source world — and offer some food for thought for how we can continue enabling and sustaining open source, a movement that has largely changed the world for the better. —Sharone Revah Zitzman

In fact, quite a few use feedback and metrics synonymously, where they present feedback from teams or customers as a bunch of numbers or a graphical representation of those numbers. —Ranjith Varakantam

The sentiment is noble, and, as a private entity, Pinterest can block search results as it sees fit. But the move is part of a larger trend in social-media content policing, and it is a silly one. —Abe Greenwald

Facebook is unlikely to ever own a media production company, just as Airbnb and Uber will not soon own a hotel or a physical taxi company. But if they can, they’ll own every square foot of demand that feeds those industries. —Antonio Garcia Martinez