Weekend Reads 031221

The vast majority of consumers have a poor understanding of data privacy issues yet think they are proactive in protecting themselves, according to a survey of US and UK residents.

Google’s impending takedown of third-party cookies in Chrome is a big win for privacy. And Google

Your employer is nominally based in New York City, but thanks to the pandemic, you didn’t even cross the Hudson River last year. So how is it that New York claims you owe it a pile of cash for state taxes?

In risk-based test management, you find the greatest market threats (that would have a detrimental effect on the enterprise as defined by the consumer) early in the development cycle and then you can counter them by taking preventive steps.

A new DNSSEC signature must be issued before the existing signature expires. The process of keeping the DNSSEC signature up to date is automatic DNSSEC zone signing.

More than 6,700 VMware vCenter Server systems are publicly accessible and vulnerable to a newly reported critical remote code execution (RCE) flaw that attackers are looking to exploit.

Frustrated by the software limitations of your router? Replacing it with the Linux-powered DD-WRT firmware can be a big upgrade

SpaceX and Dish Network are fighting at the Federal Communications Commission over Dish’s attempt to block a key designation that SpaceX’s Starlink division needs in order to get FCC broadband funding.

The blog talks about the solvable challenges of automating the process of performing huge volumes of fiber cross-connects in data centers. Doing cross-connects with robots would allow for fiber connections to be made 24/7 as needed while improving accuracy.

Fortunately, organizations can help to protect their cardholder environments against ransomware and other digital threats by achieving compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

A look into the indictment that was unsealed as part of Marcus’s arrest provides the first clues. In the copy dated to August 2017, the same month as the arrest, the FBI leveled six charges against Marcus and a partner whose name was redacted.

2020 presented an enormous learning curve for network operators. Demands for Internet usage surged at a time when lockdowns, travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders posed new logistical challenges.

Exactly a month after patching an actively exploited zero-day flaw in Chrome, Google today rolled out fixes for yet another zero-day vulnerability in the world’s most popular web browser that it says is being abused in the wild.

Microsoft has released emergency patches to address four previously undisclosed security flaws in Exchange Server that it says are being actively exploited by a new Chinese state-sponsored threat actor with the goal of perpetrating data theft.

SQL injection is when you insert or inject a SQL query via input data from the client to the application.