Weekend Reads 030422

The notion that email security should be prioritized is emphasized during this time where more and more businesses are still working in a remote or hybrid dynamic environment.

After quizzing 8,000 job applicants and 2,250 hiring managers in the U.S., Germany, and Great Britain, researchers at Harvard Business School, working with the consultancy Accenture, discovered that many tens of millions of people are being barred from consideration for employment by résumé screening algorithms that throw out applicants who do not meet an unfeasibly large number of requirements, many of which are utterly irrelevant to the advertised job.

We developed attacks that exploit the transparency of the DNS lookups to tunnel injection payloads over DNS records. These attacks exploit two key factors. Firstly, DNS resolvers do not alter the DNS records received in lookups, so the malicious payload is preserved intact

In response to what industry observers call the second quantum revolution, Israel announced on Feb. 15 an ambitious goal to build its first quantum computer within a year.

PCIe 6.0 was announced on January 11, 2022, so at the earliest, we’re looking at PCIe 6.0 products rolling out at the end of 2022 or early 2023.

Having cyber insurance is a good idea if the costs make sense — it could be the difference between going out of business and staying afloat. But it shouldn’t be your first course of action.

The metaverse is still a thing, an experience, a service in the making, an envisioned 3D world fueled in large part by artificial intelligence and immersive graphics that will, many hope, be a place where consumers can play games and interact with others and companies can do business in ways that can’t be done today.

Enterprises are justifiably worried about attacks by unauthorized outsiders, but they should not ignore the insider threat.

Cyberwar is coming! If you’re going to worry about it—and you should probably worry about it—then what, exactly, should you be worried about?

As someone who has always preferred email and Slack to real-time conversations involving words spoken from my mouth, the most terrifying words in a workday used to be, “Want to hop on the phone?” But now they have been surpassed by “Want to hop on a Zoom?”

To some great success and fanfare, NFTs are being used to promote and monetize media, goods, and services in almost every segment.

Vendor lock-in is regularly levied as a criticism of cloud services. But the reality of IT is, there has always been lock-in. Even before cloud, enterprises were locked into hardware, operating systems, database platforms, data centers and network providers.

Following a cyberattack that took Nvidia’s systems offline for two days last week, the hacking group behind the initial breach has now revealed it has allegedly gained access to over 1TB of data from the tech giant.

The core problem takes place in end-of-life old lithium-ion batteries which end up in the trash or recycling bins. During collecting and recycling processes, these batteries can go undetected in piles of garbage. They can get crushed after getting compressed in a truck, accidentally run over by a loader, or jostled around on conveyor belts in waste facilities.

DuckDuckGo is a genuine alternative to Google when it comes to finding stuff on the web: it currently handles 3 billion searches per month, and that number is growing as people are turned off by Google’s ad tracking and privacy policies.