Weekend Reads 020224

Everybody likes good news, especially at the beginning of the corporate year, and we are happy to report that TSMC’s revenues in the fourth quarter ended in December 2023 were only down 1.5 percent year on year to $19.62 billion, and were up 13.6 sequentially from the third quarter

HP CEO Enrique Lores admitted this week that the company’s long-term objective is “to make printing a subscription” when he was questioned about the company’s approach to third-party replacement ink suppliers.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has proposed creating a new top-level domain (TLD) and never allowing it to be delegated in the global domain name system (DNS) root.

What is cool about DNS over HTTPS is that, well, it uses HTTPS. Because HTTP clients are plentiful and well understood by many developers, it should make for a pretty simple implementation.

However, VPN is no longer good enough to secure remote work. For instance, VPN gives remote employees full network access to corporate resources when they login.

Universally, every person that I put the question to dismissed FWA wireless as a temporary technology with no real long-term legs.

Apple launched the original 128 kB Macintosh around 40 years ago, and in so doing changed the computer industry, in ways that a lot of people still don’t fully understand.

Europe’s aviation safety body is working with the airline industry to counter a danger posed by interference with GPS signals – now seen as a growing threat to the safety of air travel.

And as the wheels come off Moore’s law, and generational process improvements become less impactful, several emerging technologies to boost performance and density are taking precedence.

As the fields of cryptography and cybersecurity advance, homomorphic encryption stands out as a groundbreaking technology.