Weekend Reads 013120

Hardware refresh is the process of replacing older, less efficient servers with newer, more efficient ones with more compute capacity. However, there is a complication to the refresh cycle that is relatively recent: the slowing down of Moore’s law. —Rabih Bashroush

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and parent company Alphabet, generated a lot of buzz recently with an op-ed he wrote for the The Financial Times calling for greater regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, adding a high-profile voice into a debate that has been simmering as innovation around AI, machine learning and deep learning have advanced rapidly. —Jeffrey Burt

Is Slack good for actually getting your work done? That’s debatable. But the popular messaging platform — which now boasts more than 12 million daily active users — is definitely a promising medium for employers, regulatory agencies, the government, and even hackers seeking a trove of data about a company and its workers. Even your c —Rebecca Heilweil

What if Google is just taking credit for clicks on ads just because people would have been searching for that stuff anyway? I’ve been thinking about it all day: what if Google ads actually aren’t that effective and the only reason they make so much is billions of people use Google? —Dieter Bohn

Vanessa Bain was less than a year into her gig as an Instacart shopper when the company announced it would no longer allow tipping on its app. Instacart instead began imposing a 10 percent “service fee” that replaced the previous default tip of 10 percent. —Lia Russell

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a NIDS like Snort, Suricata or Zeek inspect HTTP requests leaving your network inside TLS encrypted HTTPS traffic? Yeah, we think so too! We have therefore created this guide on how to configure Security Onion to sniff decrypted TLS traffic with help of PolarProxy. —Erik Hjelmvik

Head to the local bookstore, pick up some books on management practices and it shouldn’t take long to find thought leaders espousing how “altruism” is the panacea for so many ills in the business world. —Yegor Bugayenko

This is one way in which animals have a leg up on us poor banished children of Eve. The concerns of the animal kingdom are restricted to eating, avoiding being eating, and passing on their genes to the next generation. Every human, however, has unique skills and challenges, making our lived stories ones worth telling. —Anders Koskinen

The exponential growth of both Ethernet speeds and the number of CPU cores calls for a new processing model for high-speed networking. —Tom Barbette

Attacks targeting caches are nothing new. However, it wasn’t until 2017 that web cache attacks saw a significant surge in popularity, with novel exploits regularly making the headlines. —Kaan Onarlioglu