Weekend Reads 012420

There is a lot of public sentiment against placing small cell sites on residential streets. There is a particular fear of broadcasting higher millimeter wave frequencies near to homes since these frequencies have never been in widespread use before. —Doug Dawson

The day I subscribed to The CW Watch — the new streaming service from The CW — I had to confront the fact that I subscribe to 11 different streaming services. —Veronica Walsingham

U.S. insurers are ramping up cyber-insurance rates by as much as 25% and trying to curb exposure to vulnerable customers after a surge of costly claims, industry sources said. —Suzanne Barlyn

Fair queueing is a technique that is part of the FQ-CoDel algorithm, which the bufferbloat project developed. Even with fair queuing, however, you still need an algorithm to manage the length of the queue, which modern Active Queue Management algorithms such as codel, fq_codel, fq_pie and sch_cake provide. —Adam McFillin

A good copyright policy would be one that encouraged diverse forms of expression from diverse creators who were fairly compensated for their role in a profitable industry. —Cory Doctorow

The field programmable gate array has always been a different sort of animal in the semiconductor market.—Timothy Prickett Morgan

When you power on your computer, there’s a lot more going on than you might think. One of the most important elements involved is the embedded controller (EC). This is what is responsible for providing abstractions for the battery, charging system, keyboard, touchpad, suspend/resume, and thermal control, among others. These controllers are typically proprietary and usually run proprietary firmware. —Don Watkins

If tech stocks are going to maintain their record highs, then earnings reports and 2020 forecasts that begin to pour in this week need to show a rebound on the way. If they don’t, it is time to assume that the Cloud Boom has petered out. —Therese Poletti

Finance is changing rapidly through mergers and acquisitions, but not rapidly enough. There will be tremendous pressure for traditional payment processors to get with the times and adopt blockchain, or else they will be left behind by lower-cost competitors. —Beth Kindig

In April 2019, Tile.com, which helps users find lost or misplaced items, suddenly found itself competing with Apple Inc, after years of enjoying a mutually beneficial relationship with the iPhone maker. —Nandita Bose