Weekend Reads 011819

Optimism around 5G may be strong for now, but service providers are finding it difficult to convey a feasible business case for the technology as average consumers remain ill-informed of its true benefits. 61% of respondents were hopeful about the overall availability of 5G coming in the next two years, however, 40% don’t believe consumers will be willing to pay more for the privilege. —Sigal Biran-Nagar

DNS security from the client perspective is a one-hour online course examining both technical and managerial topics associated with the security of the Domain Name System. Participants will learn about the process of a domain name and DNS request, from registration to name resolution; the security risks of each component; and the mitigation options currently available. —Lisa Corness

Your job search can feel like a movie you’ve seen over and over. The same thing seems to happen every time. You get motivated to finally start looking for a new job. You hunt around the internet and make a list of intriguing jobs. You start imagining yourself getting out of your current job. You start applying, there’s progress, you get some call backs, maybe you even go on-site to interview a few times. There’s a ray of hope. Inevitably, though, there’s a barrage of rejections and insecurity creeps in. —DJ Chung

We all know by now that both Apple and Samsung, giants in the smartphone space, have issued sales warnings. What we don’t all know, and what in fact none of us really knows, is what this means to networking both at the service and the infrastructure level. Smartphones are arguably the most significant single devices in tech history, so surely a seismic change in the market would mean something. What? —Tom Nolle