On the ‘web: Is it really simpler?

Simplification is the metabuzzword overlaying the networking world today. For instance, Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WANs), which propose to reduce the complexity of the enterprise wide area network, particularly the network connecting to the many thousands of remote sites many enterprises operate, by replacing MPLS and private line services purchased from service providers, with services that operate over the top of “plain jane Internet” connectivity. A second area where network operators are simplifying is by purchasing pre-integrated stacks of compute, storage, and networking, in a single rack, and controlled through a single GUI—a form of hyperconvergence. A third area is in the large amounts of interest in deploying Software Defined Networks (SDNs), which are being promoted based on the simplifications possible from removing “complex” distributed control planes from the network. There are three questions network engineers should ask in response to the simplification metabuzzword, however. —Tech Target

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