On the ‘web: Getting Involved with the IETF

I sat with Greg, Kathleen, and Alia to talk about “ordinary engineers” getting involved in the IETF while we were in Prague. Believe it or not, this time I didn’t get out into the city at all other than walking between the hotel I was staying at and the venue hotel. I try to always take “one day off” and do something around the city we are in, but the schedule didn’t allow it this time. Anyway, here is the link—

Greg Ferro attended the IETF 99 meeting in Prauge in July 2017. In this Priority Queue show, he sits down with Kathleen Moriarty, an IETF Security Area Director; Alia Atlas, a Routing Area Director; and Russ White, a co-chair of a variety of working groups and all-around community leader; to discuss opportunities for IT professionals to get directly involved with the IETF in networking, security, and other areas. —Packet Pushers