Upcoming Course: Data Center Fabrics

On the 18th and 22nd (Thursday and Monday) I’m teaching the two-part series on Data Center Fabrics and Control Planes over at Safari Books Online. This is six hours total training covering everything from Clos fabrics to eVPN.

Register here.

If you register for the course you can access a recording at a later date. From Safari:

This class consists of two three-hour sessions. The first session will focus on the physical topology, including a short history of spine-and-leaf fabrics, the characteristics of fabrics (versus the broader characteristics of a network), and laying out a spine-and-leaf network to support fabric lifecycle and scaling the network out. The first session will also consider the positive and negative aspects of using single- and multi-forwarding engine (FE) devices to build a fabric, and various aspects of fabric resilience. The second session will begin with transport considerations and quality of experience. The session will then consider underlay control planes, including BGP and IS-IS, and the positive and negative aspects of each. Routing to the host and the interaction between the control plane and automation will be considered in this session, as well. EVPN as an overlay control plane will be considered next, and finally the relationship between security and control plane design will be examined.