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Off the Cuff: Microsoft Purchases Github

Last week, Eyvonne, Donald, Alistair, and I sat and talked about the recent purchase of Github by Microsoft. Will this be the end of git as a widely used open source repository, or will we all look back in five years and think “move along, nothing to see here?”

The Network Collective: State of the Podcast

In this edition of the Network Collective, Eyvonne, Jordan, and I talk about where the ‘cast has been, and share some thoughts on where it is going. While we like technology as much as anyone else, the NC is really all about community.

In particular, we discuss the upcoming subscription service. We have a lot of new, exciting, material being recorded around the skills needed to be a better engineer exclusively for the subscription service. For instance, we’ve started a series on communication that does not take the standard line, but looks at how to communicate from the perspective of our experience in living on every possible side of the network engineering world, and developing and delivering every possible kind of content. And we have our first Q&A guest lined up, as well as a lot of fantastic material from Rachel Traylor already being recorded. This is going to be fantastic material, designed to push your career forward in a way that includes technology, but goes beyond technical skills, as well.