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History of Neworking: Alia Atlas on Fast Reroute

On this episode of the History of Networking, we talk to Alia Atlas about the history of fast reroute and Maximally Redundant Trees (MRTs). Remember to send in your suggestions for guests and technologies.

History of Networking: Policy with Joel Halpern

Policy at Internet scale is a little understood, and difficult (potentially impossible) to solve problem. Joel Halpern joins the History of Networking over at the Network Collective to talk about the history of policy in the Internet at large, and networked systems in general.

History of Networking: Paul Vixie on the Origins of DNS

Paul Vixie joins us on the History of Networking to talk about the spread of the DNS system—like a virus through the body network. All those radios in the background at a bit of history; Paul is an Amateur Radio Operator of many years, though, like me, he is not as active as he used to be in this realm.

History of Networking: The history of DNS with Paul Mockapetris

In this recording, Jordan, Donald, and I talk to Paul Mockapetris, who took on the problem of naming in the original Internet. Back when routers were called fuzzballs, and the only way to get to a destination was by referencing a host file…

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