One Weird Trick

I'm often asked what the trick is to become a smarter person—there are many answers, of course, which I mention in this video. But there is "one weird trick" many people don't think

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Troubleshooting: Half Split

The best models will support the second crucial skill required for troubleshooting: seeing the system as a set of problems to be solved. The problem/solution mindset is so critical in really understanding how

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The Perfect and the Good

Perfect and good: one is just an extension of the other, right? When I was 16 (a long, long, long time ago), I was destined to be a great graphis—a designer and/or illustrator

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If I could choose just a handful of skills you must learn to be a successful engineer, being metacognitive would certainly be among them. What is metacognition? OOne of my favorite books on the virtue

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Rule 11 is your friend

It's common enough in the networking industry — particularly right now — to bemoan the rate of change. In fact, when I worked in the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC), we had a phrase that

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Engineering Sense

Why didn't they ask Evans? For those who haven't read the famous Agatha Christie novel, the entire point revolves around a man uttering these words just before dying. Who is Evans? What does this person

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False Dichotomy

Last week wasn't a good one for the cause of network engineering. United Airlines grounded flights because of a router failure, the New York Stock Exchange stopped trading for several hours because of a technical

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Part 1: Getting Inside the Loop Part 2: Orientation Part 3: Decide! Once you've observed, oriented, and decided, it's time to act. This might seem like a minor concept, but it's actually really, really hard

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Last week we talked about orienteering — using models and information to orient ourselves to what's going on in the network. This is part of the OODA loop, which we talked about two weeks ago.

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On Losing

When I got off the phone, I knew I'd blown it. I'd gotten so wrapped up in the discussion on eVPNs that I might have crossed over that magical line between, "this is a really

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