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Reaction: Offensive Destruction of Attack Assets

10 May 2017 | Comments Off on Reaction: Offensive Destruction of Attack Assets

It is certainly true that DDoS and hacking are on the rise; there have been a number of critical hacks in the last few years, including apparent attempts to alter the outcome of elections. The reaction has been a rising tide of fear, and an ever increasing desire to “do something.” The something that seems…

Distributed Denial of Service Open Threat Signaling (DOTS)

3 April 2017 | Comments Off on Distributed Denial of Service Open Threat Signaling (DOTS)

When the inevitable 2AM call happens—”our network is under attack”—what do you do? After running through the OODA loop (1, 2, 3, 4), used communities to distribute the attack as much as possible, mitigated the attack where possible, and now you realist there little you can do locally. What now? You need to wander out…

Blocking a DDoS Upstream

13 February 2017 |

In the first post on DDoS, I considered some mechanisms to disperse an attack across multiple edges (I actually plan to return to this topic with further thoughts in a future post). The second post considered some of the ways you can scrub DDoS traffic. This post is going to complete the basic lineup of…

Mitigating DDoS

6 February 2017 | Comments Off on Mitigating DDoS

[time-span] Your first line of defense to any DDoS, at least on the network side, should be to disperse the traffic across as many resources as you can. Basic math implies that if you have fifteen entry points, and each entry point is capable of supporting 10g of traffic, then you should be able to…

Dispersing a DDoS: Initial thoughts on DDoS protection

23 January 2017 | Comments Off on Dispersing a DDoS: Initial thoughts on DDoS protection

[time-span] Distributed Denial of Service is a big deal—huge pools of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as security cameras, are compromised by botnets and being used for large scale DDoS attacks. What are the tools in hand to fend these attacks off? The first misconception is that you can actually fend off a DDoS…

DNS Cookies and DDoS Attacks

16 June 2016 |

DDoS attacks, particularly for ransom—essentially, “give me some bitcoin, or we’ll attack your server(s) and bring you down,” seem to be on the rise. While ransom attacks rarely actually materialize, the threat of DDoS overall is very large, and very large scale. Financial institutions, content providers, and others regularly consume tens of gigabits of attack…

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