SDxE: Engineer Focused

As an engineer, you’ve probably asked yourself a thousand times—what does all this software defined stuff mean for me? Answers are out there, of course; it seems like everyone is writing about it. Some of the answers out there are even useful, of course, but some of them are not. Most folks writing about the software defined craze are either unrealistic, or they’re focused on the large scale network you probably aren’t working on. Which leaves the question lingering: how does software defined apply to me?

SDxE—Software Defined Enterprise—is a new show designed to answer those questions for the engineer. I’ll be there; the full schedule isn’t in place, but I am currently pulling together a panel about the end of the (appliance) router. I plan to have folks from Cumulus, 6Wind, and at least one independent expert (Jeff Tantsura), sitting down to chat with me about disaggregation and the future of the router market. Specifically, are the tools in place that will allow you, the average engineer, running the “average” “enterprise” network, to take advantage of disaggregation?

Shawn Zandi will be there discussing the LinkedIn data center, and Pete Lumbis will be there talking about network automation. It promises to be a great new venue for engineers to learn, connect, and grow.

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