1. kon on 15 August 2019 at 7:20 am

    Imho the need to automate repetitive work has been around since mid 2000. We always wanted to connect plug-n-play devices (e.g. no addresses on core interfaces)…and simply don’t care.

    The fact that automation was not generally applied (in SPs at least) is mainly because SPs were profiting from customized networking e.g. different QoS policies and routing per-customer and per-site, DHCP server with persistent bindings for hosts 1, 2, 4 but not for hosts 3, 5.

    Automation – being essentially a set of rules – is limiting that agility and pinpoint control.

    Today with all the frenzy to mimic the public cloud business models and play the relevance game we tend to neglect that in our conversations and give the impression that networking industry was in deep sleep all these years.