On the ‘net: The Internet Protocol Journal

The latest IPJ has been published—the first in a while. Ole is just putting the publication back on a sound footing; hopefully we’ll start seeing new editions of this excellent resource on a regular basis. Two good articles this month—

Comprehensive Internet E-Mail Security
William Stallings

At its most fundamental level, the Internet mail architecture consists of a user world in the form of Message User Agents (MUA), and the transfer world, in the form of the Message Handling Service (MHS), which is composed of Message Transfer Agents (MTA). The MHS accepts a message from one user and delivers it to one or more other users, creating a virtual MUA-to-MUA exchange environment. This architecture involves three types of interoperability.

Cloudy-Eyed: Complexity and Reality with Software-Defined Networks
Russ White and Shawn Zandi

Software-Defined Networks (SDN) are promoted as a way to eliminate the complexity of distributed control planes, increase network responsiveness to specific applications and business requirements, and reduce operational and equipment cost. If this description sounds like the classic “too good to be true” situation, that’s because it might just be.