BGP Peering (part 1)

2 August 2022 | Comments Off on BGP Peering (part 1)

Why does BGP use TCP for peering? What happens if two BGP speakers begin the peering process at the same time? In this video, recorded for Packet Pushers, I start looking at the BGP peering process.

Privacy for Providers

11 July 2022 | Comments Off on Privacy for Providers

While this talk is titled privacy for providers, it really applies to just about every network operator. This is meant to open a conversation on the topic, rather than providing definitive answers. I start by looking at some of the kinds of information network operators work with, and whether this information can or should be considered “private.” In the second part of the talk, I work through some of the various ways network operators might want to consider when handling private information.

OT’N: BGP Loop Free Paths

16 May 2022 | Comments Off on OT’N: BGP Loop Free Paths

Over at Packet Pushers—

Russ White’s BGP series continues with a discussion of building loop-free paths with the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). Topics include AS (Autonomous System) paths, loop prevention, why loop checks are inbound, and more on IBGP and EBGP.

The Hedge 30: Ethan Banks and Network Fundamentals

8 April 2020 |

In this episode of the Hedge, Ethan Banks, Ethan’s old-timey routers, Tom Ammon, Tom’s printer, Eyvonne Sharp, and Russ White sit around the virtual hedge to talk about networking fundamentals. What are they, why are they important, how you learn them, and how to be intentional about your career.

The Hedge 15: Alistair Woodman on Supporting Open Source

17 December 2019 | Comments Off on The Hedge 15: Alistair Woodman on Supporting Open Source

Many companies rely on open source, regardless of whether or not they realize it. In this episode of the Hedge, Alistair Woodman joins Russ White and Tom Ammon to talk about not only why you should support the open source projects you use, but how you can.

On the ‘net: Streaming with Matt Oswalt

14 August 2019 |

I hung out with Matt Oswalt on video for a bit yesterday, where we chatted about automation, data center fabrics and routing protocols, and just life.

Disaggregation and Business Value

18 July 2019 | Comments Off on Disaggregation and Business Value

I recently spoke at CHINOG on the business value of disaggregation, and participated in a panel on getting involved in the IETF.

On the ‘net: EVPN Use Cases

16 May 2019 | Comments Off on On the ‘net: EVPN Use Cases

In the final session of this video series, we talk to industry experts and RFC authors about additional challenges for which EVPN-VXLAN is a strong answer: Connecting domains (DCI, Campus to DC connections, Multi-vendor networks), multicasting for use cases like live TV streaming, public cloud connection, and other super powers. Join us to find out…

Network Collective: The Value of Labs

17 January 2019 | Comments Off on Network Collective: The Value of Labs

The Network Collective: The Value of Labs

20 December 2018 | Comments Off on The Network Collective: The Value of Labs