IS-IS LiveLesson Publishing Soon

is-is-livelessonWhile the IS-IS book is still useful, it is getting on a little in age, and some people find learning through video to be more helpful. I’ve recorded seven hours of video on IS-IS in the form of a LiveLesson with Cisco Press. They should be available on the 18th of April (just a few days from now), and apparently they’re already available as a sneak peek.

Thanks to Brett (who runs, and has run, all my projects at Cisco Press and Addison-Wesley), Pete (who patiently recorded my many fumbles), and Chris Cleveland, who has been my steadfast editor for all things Cisco Press and Addison-Wesley for some fifteen years now), for making this happen. This is the first, I think, of a number of new video projects I have on tap, so watch this space.

And no, I’m not going to stop writing books (just a gentle reminder).