Large Scale Network Design LiveLesson

Alvaro and I finished recording a new LiveLesson back in December; it should be available for pre-purchase at the end of January. For those folks interested in network design, this is going to be a great video series. We originally started out with the idea of updating Optimal Routing Design, but the project quickly morphed into its “own thing,” which means this video series is actually more of a compliment to ORD, rather than a replacement. Some pieces will be more up-to-date than the book, but there are a number of things covered in the book that are not covered in the video.

Large Scale Network Design LiveLessons takes you through the concepts behind stable, scalable, elegant network design, including modularity, resilience, layering, and security principles. This livelesson will focus on traditional distributed link state, distance vector, and path vector routing protocols, as well as the basic principles of centralized control planes (such as OpenFlow). A special point will be made of sorting out the relationship between policy and reachability, and where they can best be managed in a large scale network.