1. Christian Woldsgaard on 9 May 2019 at 7:17 am

    Hi Russ and all you other participants

    Thanks for a great talkshow on the subject GDPR. In some ways it’s funny listening to all the arguments for and against the subject in generally. I think it was the Apple CEO – Tim Cook – who mentioned that GDPR should be obvious for all. But it isn’t and why is that? Why will governments and business’ not do anything in their power to ensure the costumers personal data?
    On the other hand GDPR should be a dynamic sets of rules and should be updated whenever necessary. This like everything else within Information Security partly covered in ISO2700x.
    GDPR should be a natural course for all storing personal informations. GDPR isn’t perfect, but almost. I have stored my name, phonenumber, creditcard number, etc. external numerous of times and of course I expect that the receivers always do everything in their power to keep my personal informations, personal.

    A new rule should be specified, like the cookie notice on every websites. Citizens and customers should be informed about governments and business’ who has refused to implement Information Security.

    Thanks again for an inspiring hour 🙂